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Goorin Brothers, Spring 2009 pattern - I draft production ready patterns for factories from my designs. This design is the crown of a bonnet with a visor (visor not shown) which is an entirely new pattern made with a special technique I use to make new patterns to fit the head perfectly.
Goorin Brothers Spring 2009 - I designed, made patterns, handmade first protos, detailed fabrics, and corrected fit as an in-house women's hat designer at Goorin Brothers. They are all at retail at the moment.
This photograph appeared on the hangtag for 'Jasmin Zorlu for Cassel Goorin' Fall 2007 and Fall 2008 collections. I commissioned the photographer, Naomi O'Connell.
Jasmin Zorlu for Cassel Goorin Fall 2008 catalogue - I designed, made patterns, detailed the materials and corrected the fit of these three hats I designed for Goorin Brother's higher-end line, 'Cassel Goorin'. I utilized eco-friendly hemp fabric on two of the styles.
Hats for Cassel Goorin, Fall 2007 - I was commissioned to create a collection for Goorin Brothers for their higher end line, 'Cassel Goorin'.
Co-branded collection, 'Jasmin Zorlu for Cassel Goorin'. I designed, drafted patterns, and made mockups for a collection of high-end hats inspired by menswear and the military. The cut and sewn hats retailed for up to $90 each.
Jasmin Zorlu for 'Cassel Goorin' - I was commissioned to create a collection for Goorin Brothers for their higher end line, 'Cassel Goorin'. I designed, drafted the pattern, and chose the fabrics on this style. It ran for 4 seasons, becoming a best-seller. It's inspired by Parisian firefighters, fedoras, and garrison caps.
Parisian Pompier Updates - The Parisian Pompier is a hybrid hat, combining elements of a Parisian Firefighter hat, Fedora, and Garrison cap.

It's in its fourth season now. Delux headwear knocked it off, which is a compliment.
The pleated cadet in the upper right hand corner, in chambray, became a best seller for the Spring 2009 women's Royal Goorin line and is still in the line, now selling for Spring/Summer 2012 kids.
I start a collection by making rough thumbnail sketches, which are then reviewed.
Goorin Brothers Hat Design

This body of work scans the two years I freelanced as a hat designer for Goorin Brothers, http://www.goorin.com. I designed for the women's headwear line: cut and sewn, blocked, cold weather knits, gloves, scarves and bags, working directly with the President. For the cut and sewn collections, I drafted patterns, handmade prototypes, sourced new and innovative materials, corrected fit, approved sales samples and participated in line review meetings with sales and staff.

Jasmin Zorlu
Accessories Designer New York, NY