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1776 Sinamay Picture Hat by Jasmin Zorlu
Aquanaut Cloche Helmet
Triangular Delight Cocktail Hat by Jasmin Zorlu - This delightful little cocktail hat was made from scraps of leopard print long-haired fur felt and a handmade abalone shell button. It has a pheasant feather and an elastic to hold it on the head. Photography by Kyle Hailey, modeling by Raven Curtis.
Foxy Lady Cocktail Hat by Jasmin Zorlu - This cocktail hat is made from scraps of fur felt, a pheasant feather, and a vintage button. Photographed by Kyle Hailey, modeling by Raven Curtis.
Raven Garrison Hat by Jasmin Zorlu - This hat was made from vintage paper braid, feather pads, and sewn onto a grosgrain ribbon. It ties at the nape of the neck in a pretty bow. Photograph by Kyle Hailey, modeling by Raven Curtis.
Robin Hood Cocktail Hat by Jasmin Zorlu - This olive green cocktail hat has wooden beads and a pheasant feather. Photographed by Jar Concego.
Molecular Mermaid Helmet
Erykah Badu, the famous R & B singer, commissioned three of the 'Molecular Mermaid Helmets'. Watch her perform in it here: http://youtu.be/mpPDbq11cFw
Hatwalk 2009 Calendar Hats - Four of my handmade horsehair cocktail hats were published in this calendar whose sales benefited the Asian American Cancer Support Network.
Designs for Louise Green Millinery
Headwear and Press: Jasmin Zorlu

I specialize in creating handmade sculptural headwear with a futuristic aesthetic for individuals who enjoy transcending time and space. I incorporate eco-friendly materials to create minimalistic and modern designs. The Mission here on Earth is to put hats back on heads, in order to magnetically attract like-minded Earthlings.

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Jasmin Zorlu
Accessories Designer New York, NY