Questacon - Injection Moulder

The design of the part and mould is part of a project I was involved with at Questacon's Smart Skills Initiative located in Deakin, Canberra.

The project involved developing a workshop about mass manufacturing, sustainability and recyclability using tools available to the team such as a plastic shredder, vacuum former, wire strip bender, sheet press and injection moulder.

The design and development of the part is used to show participants of the workshop one of the steps in the mass manufacturing process, injection moulding. The task is to create a fin using materials that have been recycled using the plastic shredder, pressing a sheet of plastic and finally vacuum forming a shape of a fin. The injection moulded part is the pivot point for the fin so it is able to move from side to side to represent a fin in motion.

Jason Le
Industrial Designer Canberra, Australia