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Black and Decker 360 Laser - THE BRIEF::

Develop and take to production initial concept of an auto leveling 360-degree laser level based on the client’s initial development and concept work.


Completed while working for DW Product Development. Black and Decker came to DW with the goal to develop a consumer grade tripod laser with auto leveling capability, to further develop and extend a new range of incremental business for the power tool manufacturer in the area of high precision laser leveling products.

• Designed a product that is 3-4 times less expensive than nearest competitor.
• Utilized initial concept and development work to create a 360 Laser level, creating new IP for the client.
• Expanded Black & Decker’s position in a new product category.
• Developed stable laser line system, no spinning dots.
• Introduced a removable laser head capable of hanging from an adjustable strap
• IDSA/Business Week, IDEA Bronze
• National Post/Design Exchange Bronze Award


Preliminary industrial design and aspects of the final industrial design development of the laser head, concept sketches and renderings, visual presentations, functional prototypes and models. Some mechanical design, plastics design and development, portions of the final production geometry.

Also involved in client liaison, supplier liaison, initial graphic design, control drawings.

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Jason Busschaert
Global Manager of Industrial Design Bel Air, MD