The area that we need the interior shot is the kitchen, see attached photo view we want to use for the Interior Rendering. The existing ceiling is dropped to 9'-2? and we are going to raise it to 10' in the ceiling plan with a perimeter soffit at 9'-4?. Set up appropriate lighting to simulate natural or artificial light sources. Experiment with different lighting conditions to achieve the desired atmosphere.Position the virtual camera to capture the best views of the kitchen. Pay attention to details such as textures, finishes, and lighting. Consider different angles to showcase various aspects of the design. Render the 3D scene to produce high-quality images or animations. Adjust rendering settings for resolution, quality, and other parameters.Tell us what kind of CGI 3D Rendering Portfolio you need to see, and we’ll send you the right 3D Rendering! ?? Contact us here for 3D Rendering Services now!? Reach us out with DM here on: | Get in touch email us at

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