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A team effort by Emma Gilpin, Savannah Mann, Zahur Ameeroedien and Jaya van den Berg
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GroundUp - From Shot to Shoot

The project intended to improve and uplift the local community of Cape Town. From the five categories, namely Wind, Water, Shelter, Securityand Food, our team consisting of four choose the latter option. Our focus is on food waste management, specifically on spent coffee grounds. With the increase of urbanisation and the growing coffee culture in Cape Town, there is a significant increase in coffee waste. Spent coffee grounds are a natural fertiliser however its potential is lost when combined in general garbage disposal. The focus of this project is to sustainably eliminate spent coffee grounds to improve indoor urban greenery within the city of Cape Town.

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  • Very interesting!

    5 years ago

  • Very interesting!

    5 years ago

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