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Photograph of Paparazzi club

Excitement - that was the initial feeling that ran through me upon receiving and understanding the brief. I grew up watching lots of hollywood flicks so in this project, I'm keen to make sure this is executed right. Paparazzi is about capturing that celebrity Hollywood lifestyle that most of are sold upon by the lifestyle of the rich and famous. The red carpet treatment, mingling with A listers, spilling champagnes, and gorgeous women tripping over their drinks - the cool and the in crowd can relate to this. Hence, that's our kind of crowd here, young, wild and eager.

True to its name, Paparazzi is filled with cameras in the club. But these CCTV's provide life feed in 42" tv's all around the club for everyone to see. You may notice someone you know making out across the room, a hottie with her low cut dress slipping off or maybe 2 sweethearts making out. Just like latest scandals on the Hollywood scene making you an overnight celebrity. Who knows what other surprises awaits ?

Freelance, Full-time
Jayden sia
Interior Designer Petaling Jaya, Malaysia