Mark and logotype designed for open source software library, DeftJS.

Developer, John Yanarella, had this to say, "We asked Jason Barry to help us establish a visual identity for our open source software development library, DeftJS. He really knocked it out of the park. We were impressed with his eagerness to understand our deeply technical project and our target audience and even more so with how expertly he turned that understanding into a design that resonates so well with them. He has proven to be a great collaborator - iterating quickly through several early sketches, and willing to change course to triangulate on the right direction."

"When we later needed help designing promotional items for a conference, it was an easy choice to hire him again. T-shirts featuring this logo were a big hit at SenchaCon 2013 – we still run into people wearing them at meet-ups and conferences over a year later. It doesn't get better than that!""

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Freelance, Moonlighting
Jason Barry
Art Director Seneca, SC