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Final Salt and Pepper Shaker Design
Market Analysis - Casual dinning restaurant have started to embrace design
Through food presentation and interior design. This has
caused the customer to not only enjoy it but to expect it.
These restaurants have now started to position themselves
as affordable restaurants with style. This heightens the
experience and creates a more enjoyable dinning atmosphere.

This is the same with the shakers. They must portrays an
up scale feel while also being disposable and affordable for
The restaurant.
Shaker Sketches
Usability - Permanent metal sleeve is placed on the disposable plastic
cartridge puncturing dimples in the cartridge which opens the
shaker. This saves the servers time at the end of the service by
not having to fill the shakers and protects it form contamination
both in shipping and from table side pranks as it is not opened
until plastic has been broken.

This system also minimizes parts in production. Current disposable
shakers consist of four parts that have to be assembled in production
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Salt and Pepper Shakers
Justin Coble
Design Strategy Lead - Snickers, Twix Somerville, NJ