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ART SHOW - first ever in Northwood NH at UMAMI café
Order online at outrageouspossibilities.com
Moi - UMAMI - May 2018 - photography by Lori Shepard
kindness, mindfulness, compassion - feathers drawn in Illustrator
The Noblest Revenge is Forgiveness - pen and ink - Photoshop brush
Forest Fun - Illustrator brush art
Waiting by the Water - digital poster
in wine is truth - pastel stipple
Beaver Pond - Photoshop brushes
red green flora - photograph
outside my window - NH Mountain, traintrack - watercolor
Lake Gal - Illustrator warp text on photograph
Langnickel brush - pencil drawing
garden zinnias - scanned real flowers, bypassed camera
MacRooster - torn 'Apple' magazine - animal eye
Engagement fleurs - crepe paper - photograph
Exclamation heart - Illustrator art
plant pot - oils
Border squares of image done in Photoshop
Life, a simple walk - Photoshop layers
day night lilacs - photo art
organic broccoli trees - Photoshop layer merging
teach your children to fly - Illustrator images - PF flyers (sneakers)
RouteRide - Illustrator and Photoshop merging
seagulls have personalities too - photograph - InDesign
My office - photograph - Nautical Flag meanings - InDesign
My Pulitzer photo - P-town, MA - rescue homestead
STOP lights - Worcester Art Museum - oil canvas scan
Own the Moment - Layering photos in Photoshop
Growth series - digital art book page
Love Life - forsythias, rainy window with graphic art
red spring tulips - pastels
pots and fruit - oil painting
SHELTER- photograph and meaning
That which is meant for you will not pass you by - lily photograph
growth - InDesign book image
Marbles - photograph
color wheel - Illustrator - InDesign learning curve for CMYK and RGB
Fishing Basket Picnic - charcoals
Kitchenware - pen, ink, and gouache
mountain path - watercolor
LOVE donkey - blockprint
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Mixed media art by jo d.
Simple black framed art pieces ready for display in your café, restaurant, library, lobby, or retail business.
Thank you for considering me and my art.

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  • Thanks for visiting me and my talent. Drop me a note at: www.outrageouspossibilities.com

    2 years ago

  • Thanks for visiting me and my talent. Drop me a note at: www.outrageouspossibilities.com

    2 years ago

Jo Donoghue DeCenzo
Savvy Graphic Designer NH