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Jason Webley at Stone Fly Milwaukee - This is my first endeavor into screen printing using only 3 colours. This is the digital file I built to burn the screens because, the scans of the actual print didn't show the spot varnish of the skull and sleeves of the cloak.

The poster was inspired by the Jason Webley song 'Icarus' where the singer sings the first person perspective of famous literary deaths, most famous of which is the fable "Icarus and the Sun".
Bring Detroit Back - This is a poster that has been specifically redesigned from a famous swiss automotive club advertisement. For it I chose to make this poster advertise awareness and support for the United Auto Workers of America and how nearly all of the American Auto makers have outsourced all of the assembly and removing millions of jobs.
Che Guevara Memorial Ride - This is a travel poster I designed for a moto rally in memorial of Ernesto "Che" Guevara's Humanitarian work through South America. It Follows almost the exact same route as he took as a young man that he wrote about in his book 'The Motorcycle Diaries'.
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Jakob Dodge
Art Director Milwaukee, WI