Artificial Reality: Acrylic 5 Panel Robot in lower right corner; this series makes up one complete piece representing the idea that we are born into a grid of society. Depicts a view of the world and a questioning of ones own self. Is the world we live in artificial or is it that of our very own selves?
Bridge: Acrylic 4 Panel A walk to victory, a vision of prevailing.The illustration of journey. The bridge represents the roots from which one was built and the representational path of a crossing to a new. An essence of dark intertwined with light. An illustration of hope and strength. Colorways influenced by emotional internal ability to arise with each fall. This bridge is significant of a path, of a crossing; acceptances of goodbyes in order to allow for new hellos.
2 Piece Acrylic A universe of paths, of light and dark, the yin and yang. This piece represents the ability to soar, fall and float. Visions and dreams; Specs of light engulfed within a darkness to portray a poem of balance and energy.
The same foundation of mother nature that gives life also contains the very stems that one day take that away. A tree brings forth wisdom, strength, represents history, and renewal. Rooted deep within the earth, the tree also reaches high into the sky. It acts as a capsule of spirit, sacrifice, truth, majesty and mystery.
Acrylic 5 Panel Inspired through a new internal sensation of 'being' found through love.Confidence to soar with clarity, dignity and purpose. The eagle, the hawk represent the illuminations of spirit and strength; Triumphs of light. This piece depicts the awarenesses and the unfolding of ambitious endeavors: A story in the dropping of fear, a finding of trust. Symbolic to the spiritual aspects of life and achievement. This bird represents nobility, potential,the connections of heart and purity: Intuition in the winds of change yet remaining the ability to find ground.
Dance of Balance: 3 Piece Acrylic A dance of chaos, a seeking of balance; inspiration pulled from wings, feathers, representational of a flurry of love, hate, of the high and low. The internal intertwining to make a ‘whole’.
Contemporary Paintings
Jessica Chan
WINKPENS Founder/ Industrial Designer / Artist Portland, OR