Wall-E Project - This is the first assignment we're completing in Adobe Illustrator. It was done using six color splotches.
Wall-E Project With Background - First Adobe Illustrator assignment with a background. The grass was done using the scribble tool.
Monopoly Project - The Monopoly Project took me about two hours. Icons were live traced and fitted using ruler guides.
Liquor Monopoly Project - This is a liquor version of monopoly. It took me approximately four hours to complete which is twice as long as a the original monopoly board.
World of Goo Monopoly - This is a World of Goo Monopoly board. It took me about 14 hours of work. The images are screenshots taken from the game using Fraps.
League of Legends Monopoly Project - It took a long time. I researched champion bio's and got to work!
Pictographs - This is a set of icons that were made using as little of the pen tool as possible. Making the phone was the hardest one I did.
Vector - First Illustrator assignment, tutorial.
Adobe Illustrator