Canvas Lounge Chair Adjustable lounge seating that offers 3 different configurations with no moving hinge or latch. As you sit down in the chair, your center of gravity forces the frame to hold in place.
Coffee Table This unique coffee table can unfold out on pivots placed at the ends of the two piece top. When unfolded the table extends out to provide much more counter space.
Cook Spot: Transportable Italian Cooking Island An appliance designed to encompass the techniques of Italian cooking. The kitchen island is comprised of three distinct features to aide in the food preparation.
Cook Spot: Transportable Italian Cooking Island
Cook Spot: Transportable Italian Cooking Island : Research
Cook Spot: Transportable Italian Cooking Island : Development
Retractacycle An aluminum extruded motorcycle seat that retracts in for one rider only, and retracts out to be able to seat two riders. Giving the rider a single or dual seat option.
Classic Sports Cycle Handlebar Handlebar mold design to update an older model trike put back into the market. Giving it a new look, while taking styling from modern sports bikes.
Timber Tikes Teeter Totter Designed for a line of wooden swing set playground equipment from Little Tikes, this teeter totter complements the larger sets.
Bubba The Bottom Feeder Our team designed the “Bubba” concept during the 2004 Purdue 48:2 Competition, this swim toy will rise to the top of the water after feeding Bubba all the floating fish.
Boat Design The Gallant is a fusion of both performance and yacht style. It allows the user to have a powerful machine, and still have the ability to entertain their family and guests in comfort.
Boat Design
Boat Design : Research
Boat Design : Development
Nike Purdue Football Shirt The graphics incorporate historical and symbolic elements of Purdue University. The train track, boilermaker statue, and arm with hammer are evident symbols of Boilermaker football.
Blood Donation Station The Blood Donation Station is a display that sits next to a blood donation chair, helping to create an environment that provides comfort, education, and encouragement. IDEA BusinessWeek
Blood Donation Station
Blood Donation Station
Blood Donation Station : Research
Blood Donation Station : Development
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