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Rendering of signature wood facade with the Balzac signature, tagline and metal emblems
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Stainless Steel Emblem & Stainless Steel Signage
Custom Door Handles with engraved 'Balzac' initials
Washroom Silhouette Icons
Silhouettes to be produced as vinyl cut signage or as cast aluminum plaques and applied to public washroom stall doors.
Desired Color Scheme: Gold & Ivory (suitable for wood doors)
Washroom Silhouette Icons
Alternate Color Schemes: Green Tones or All Black (suitable for painted doors)
Washroom Text Signage
Light and whimsical vinyl cut signage to be applied on doors and walls.
Color Options: Black, Silver or Gold
Washroom Text Signage
Gold vinyl applied on wood
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Balzac Caffe - Graphics & Signage

As a member of a NY based team, in order to create a successful signage program for Balzac, it was necessary to maintain the continuity of the brand while making each shop a unique Balzac experience. The Balzac signage concept has two defining elements: The Classic and The Artisanal. One element is permanent while the other is seasonal and ever-changing. The classic signage and logo, keeping in line with the branding concept, are to be repeated throughout the shops and lend a sense of permanence. The artisanal elements such as the tagline and washroom signage are unique to each location and are designed to change over time to give each store a unique distinguished flavor. By adapting this approach, each shop remains a unique experience while keeping continuity of the Balzac brand