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Elevation showing exterior facade and outdoor cafe area
Signature Facade
Elevation of bar counter
Bar Counter Area
Bar Counter Area
Glass Vitrines
Bottle Display Niche
Elevation showing wall banquette, antiqued mirrored panels and classic cafe seating with white and wood top tables
Elevation of washroom
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Balzac Caffe Taunus Center

This is the first new shop in the re-branding of Balzac Coffee into Balzac Caffé. The shop features the signature Balzac Caffé wooden frame on the outside. Upon entering, patrons are greeted with a 9m long wooden counter that defines the narrow space. It is intended to be more like a bar counter than a typical service counter, as well as act as a social zone for people to enjoy coffee and food items. This minimal environment is made cozy with whimsical accents that will change with time.