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Vertical business cards for a casual restaurant and bar. The colors of the logo and fonts contrast well with the black background making the card very appealing to the eye.
18 in x 24 in print announcement for a local restaurant
Fashion Show Poster A - Option for a poster for a youth fashion show.
Fashion Show Poster B - Option for a poster for a youth fashion show.
Blogging Top Design Swarovski Chandelier Challenge 2009 - I decided to design a private library with an eclectic mix furnishings and accessories to compliment the Ice Branch Chandelier. There is a central seating arrangement and floor to ceiling shelves. The iconic Mackintosh chair acts as a sculptural piece and draws the eye towards the chandelier. Walls and molding are painted in teal and colors are inspired by the 'cold' of the chandelier with pops of gold and the green of the sofa. This is meant to be a soothing and meditative space.
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