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Wine + Spirits Steamer Trunk
An item to be featured in guest rooms and at St. Regis events. The external covering will be dark brown leather with bronze trim and brass hardware. The internal walls of the trunk will be clad in rosewood with brass accents.
Cognac Library Steamer Trunk
An item intended for VIP gifting. This portable library case / cocktail bar will feature a collection of book titles and distinct labels associated with the St. Regis Cognac Ritual. The external covering will be a diamond pattern bronze leather with ivory leather trim and chrome hardware. The inside of the trunk will be lined with bronze suede, ivory leather handles, book straps, and MDF with a textured, non-scratch paint.
W Store Kiosk - One vision for the W store is to develop a free-standing kiosk that would be located near the welcome desk or the living room area. Using touchscreen navigation, guests will be able to purchase an item which can be picked up at the welcome desk or sent to their room. Each kiosk is designed for two users and can be easily produced in different styles suitable for any property.
W Store Arcade Console for W Hotels - One way to develop the W store is in the form of an arcade console. Graphics, sound, controls, and a projected gobo will encourage guests to play the game of interactive retailing.
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