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juicer redesign - The redesigned juicer simplifies the often tedious juicing process. It features a seperate juice and pulp container that can be emptied while the product is in use, allowing for constant and extended juicing time. The transparent lid and cups allow the user to monitor the progress so they know when exactly to empty the pulp and juice.
The juicer compliments any kitchen as the small footprint takes up limited space
so it is easy to keep on the bench.

The redesign utalised DFMA design for
manufacture and assembly. The existing juicer was costed at an estimated price of $32.21 per unit, based on a production run of 100,000 per year.
The redesign has reduced to the cost to $29.96, and sub- assemblies from
6 to 4, whilst maintaining the desired
aesthetics and usability.
lighting innovation - A unique wall fixture designed to accent current styles in apartment architecture, enhancing mood and atmosphere at night and a design feature during the day. The simplistic geometric form is wall mounted, comprising of sprung metal with a clear annodised finish. The diffuser is polypropylene with an opal finish and white polypropylene base. Designed to use 2D compact 13watt fluorescent bulbs providing high output and good colour rendering.
omega watch - The watch is modelled in Autocad 2000 and rendered and animated in 3D Studio Viz.
kitchen / living area redesign - The open plan design is an unobstructed and organised space providing function, order and free movement. This is further envisioned by the ample storage, uncluttered bench space and seating which creates an ideal environment for entertaining guests or simply cooking for one.
The space also features hardwearing surfaces and finishes of marble, stainless steel and laminate, complimented by timber and neutral hues with splashes of bold colour.
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Jean Lalor
Brisbane, Australia