"Karma" © 2016 Jeanne Decklar Fine Art
oil on canvas "16 x 20"

The love you give will be magnified
just as the pain you inflict
will become a cut within your own heart.
We are One...
The light and the darkness
at the heart of it all
What you believe, what you think
the power in the words you speak
the energy of your actions
reverberates and paints the world around you.
Breathe love, speak love, give love, think love
FEEL LOVE, and be the light in the darkness.
Reject in all ways the harm done to you.
Stand against the pain and frustration and sorrow
Fight against the desire for revenge.
Meet the force of the blow with the love you have inside
for you reap what you sow—
and Karma will take care of the rest.

-Jeanne Marie Decklar

Freelance, Full-time
Jeanne Decklar
Graphic Designer, Painter and Illustrator Portland, OR