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National catalog - Cover for 444-pg. product catalog. The thought was to show strong logo branding, in a hip presentation. The electronic neon with the cable leads defines the clients product line. This “neon” theme was peppered through the book. Photo: See Pictures / Scott Harben Studio
Fashion advertisement for Proxy - Fashion advertisement for Proxy www.harbenpictures.com Magazine advertisement for fashion line. (Spec.)Exercise to brand fashion line.
Photo: See Pictures / Scott Harben Studio
Corporate brochure - Think Best brochure for change of policy campaign. White shirts, ties and dresses went by the wayside, health care and family-first benefits were added with this brochure. The client’s CEO felt this message and look communicated his vision at a glance.
Regional direct mailCounter brochure - Counter brochure/take away for online-banking. (Spec.) Convenience banking online. Customer is shown enjoying their private time, reinforcing a convenient solution for personal finance.
Website for product introduction - Website design proposal (Spec.) Exercise to introduce new product line and aquire customer relationship. Customer depends on equipment performance. Product protects the drive-chain from rocks and mud when the elements aren't so kind. Piece embraces the gonzo attitude of the competitor with images and copy like "You love mud, but your drive-train doesn't".
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