Nike Performance Footwear Sketches 02 - Just some more Nike footwear sketches I finished up today. Quick line work and just as fast with the markers. Exploring with more basketball concepts as well as a Lunarlite low-cut recovery shoe for the postgame interviews. Totally drew from Nike running sneakers on this one.
Nike Performance Footwear Sketches - Put these sketches together trying to come up with some new concepts for Nike performance footwear both in hoops and cross-training. Was trying to incorporate Nike Flywire technology into designs. I'm really liking the lines and shape of the sketch in the lower lefthand corner. Think I'll continue exploring that in the future. Like the sleekness of the lines and the fairly minimal design features. Sketches were done on your standard run-of-the-mill copy paper.
ADIDAS Basketball Conceptual Sketches - These sketches were done with a Pilot V Ball 'Extra Fine' pen and Prismacolor markers on your standard printer paper. Rough, crazy days at work always tend to double as fun-productive sketching days. These are your basic quick conceptual sketches of some Adidas performance basketball footwear. The Lakers playoff win last night inspired the Purple/Maize colors, don't ask how I came about working with pink today.
Nike Signature Flight Project - Ideation - Sketches were from 2008 when I was working on a Performance Basketball project for my portfolio. This project has yet to be completed, but this is a page of quick, fairly loose sketches showing some of my conceptual process for the general look of this shoe.
Nike Zoom Basketball III Project - Ideation - A compilation of quick sketches while I was working on a personal footwear project in 2008. This was to be the next in line of the Zoom BB family. I was trying to take design queues from the previous models and create something of my own.
Quick Nike Basketball Sketch - This is a very rough sketch I threw together for a Nike basketball concept. I actually really like the direction this sketch is headed. I think I'm going to continue exploring from this foundation and work this idea into a rendering eventually. This was sketched using a Wacom tablet.
Footwear Sketchbook
Jeff Wheeler
Freelance Designer Portland, OR