Air Jordan 1 Illustration
Fantastic Cooling Logo
Construction Logo
Bonut's Doughnuts Teaser
Set of Dock Icons - I wanted to experiment a little bit with some icon design and this is what I’ve come up thus far. These icons are four of the eight I’ve completed - only making dock icons for the essential applications that get daily use. Anyway, like I said - my first attempt with icon design. Tried doing some research regarding techniques & trends, hopefully I didn’t break too many of them. I don’t know if I like how large the graphics are, something a little smaller might be better.
Minimalist - This logo is part of a blog design project. The idea with this logo was to closely portray the content that would be contained within the blog. So, keeping things simple, clean, organized, and really focusing on the lines were all important.
Draft Me Poster - This was a simple promotional graphic used on the web in an effort to land an invitation for Dribbble. The Dribbble logo was a resource provided from the official website, I simply used it in my design. The joke with this 'poster' was that hopefully I would not need to take drastic measures by stapling it all over street posts in downtown Portland. Thankfully, it didn't come to that.
The Bat Company - Logo - This logo was done for a local business that sells baseball/softball equipment as well as provides all kinds of lessons/camps for young athletes. The idea was to create something simple that would translate well on hats, apparel, and other related product. Also, the viewer should easily be able to correlate this logo with other sports-specific examples in their mind's eye.
Wheeler Family
Graphic Design
Jeff Wheeler
Freelance Designer Portland, OR