Nike Air Thielsen (Line Drawing) - My professor did pretty much this same job for Nike a few years back. I had to produce this piece-by-piece footwear line drawing from photographs. Some aspects of the shoe I had to create on my own, which proved to make things a little difficult at times. My objective was to create smooth, fluid lines using few anchor points which gives professional appeal.
Alien Bicycle Tool
Air Jordan III - A project I did this for an advertising poster I put together for the release of this shoe. A real simple, line and color illustration.
Jones Golf Bag
Layered Soccer Ball - Here I had to illustrate the different layers within a soccer ball. All my work had to be done in Illustrator. One of my textures warped a little bit in reformatting the file for Coroflot.
Technical Illustration
Jeff Wheeler
Freelance Designer Portland, OR