Air Jordan 2010 - UI - Toying around with a user-interface design concept that could be used both on the web or within a mobile application. One of my first efforts diving into UI design - wanted to keep it pretty standard.
Personal Website - This is a single-page design that features a vertical flying effect which helps you navigate to the specific areas of the website such as the home, about, and content sections. The inspiration behind this design was driven heavily by keeping things simple, clean, and focused on the type. I created the design but outsourced the project for the HTML/CSS markup.
Omada - A basic production project while under a very tight deadline. The client needed materials to disseminate to potential investors and community members. More specifically, informational materials were needed prior to a series of business meetings. Also, the client would be doing all printing in house. Keeping this in mind had significant impact regarding the detail of the design.
Various CWA Documents
Various - Production
Jeff Wheeler
Freelance Designer Portland, OR