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Made from recycled molded paperboard. The solar panel is fully exposed because this unique design can charge even indoors as long there there is some natural light coming in through windows or overhead skylights. We are very close to bringing this product to retail. Stay tuned. :)
The requirements were to provide a package design which would be made from fully recycled materials, that would fit with the environmental ethos of the outdoor stores where this product will be sold. I was also told to make it so the consumer could, "See it, Feel it, but Don't Steal it." the package is designed to be a bit bulky and rugged, but the solar panel and the, "It's Charging" lights would be fully visible.
Because of the unique design of this solar charger it can charge even while hanging on the peg at retail. We wanted a packaging design that would allow consumers to see the LED lights that flash when the panel is charging. There are one to five lights that flash depending on how much light is available to convert to electricity.
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Solar Charger and Packaging

Create recycled packaging for a major outdoor sports retailer for a totally new solar charger technology. More news to come as we bring this incredible product to market.

Jeff D Levis
Owner J Levis Design Group Thornton, CO