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On this sheet, the project is introduced with an approaching perspective of the proposed building along with existing conditions. Also some context was provided with the site plans and aerial perspective.
This sheet contains the structural layout of the columns, a detailed wall section of the building and a larger, more detailed part of the elevation and detail items.
This sheet contains the rear elevation, the residential floor plans of the building, and a couple interior/exterior perspectives.
The final sheet contains the remaining elevations and the main floor plan accompanied by the first parking garage plan.
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Mixed Use Building for St. Joseph, MI

The project goal was to design a multi purpose building that could serve the town of St. Joseph as a residential building as well as other commercial purposes. These purposes include: Restaurant, Specialty Shops, Convenience Store, and a Barbershop/Hair Salon. It also features a Parking garage to replace the parking spaces that were taken up by the building itself.
The design approach was one that respected the surrounding buildings and the city fabric and complied with IBC and ADA guidelines.
All sheets are done with pen and watercolor.

Jefferson Larrota
Intern Architect at Berman Architecture & Design Ltd Grand Prairie, TX