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CTA Chicago - The CTA project was an in-depth, solo, year long project dedicated to solving issues concerning the City of Chicago Transit System.

The end result yielded a family of products that created new revenue for the CTA, increased local business, and solved a variety of user concerns.

The products also featured detailed digital interfaces as well as cost-profit analysis.

(Modeled in Solidworks, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Powerpoint)
Chopper X & Handmixer - Chopper X- This is simply one of my passions when it comes to design. Everything, with the exception of the engine and transmission, is a 1:1 scaled representation ready for production.
(CAD in Solidworks)

Handmixer- This project dealt with changing the form of an icon. The new form of the iconic handmixer allows for a unique style, battery operated power supply, digital interface and a functional stance.
Furniture Projects - HoVE- Idea that people want their furniture to accommodate to them, not vice versa. HoVE allows the user to create their own, endless configurations.
(materials: bendable plywood or HDPE)

DOTA- How do you make a chair stand out in a crowded market? Allow the form to change based on its perspective. This will capture the consumer's attention.
(material: 2 chairs from a single 4'X4' piece of plywood)
Pepsi Beach Chill - Concept to promote Pepsi business to a specific target market in an ideal setting. The design features shade, seating, music, built-in tables, built-in ad space and logos, as well as a distinct Pepsi presence.

(CAD and Rendering in Solidworks 2005)
Picnic Set & Plog (Student PDA) - Picnic Set- This is a simple twist on typical dinnerware. The colors are bold and allow the consumer to mix and match their own unique set.
(HDPE, 2-part injection molded)
(Competition Winner)

Plog (Student PDA)- This was a group project that dealt with several mediums of design: soft goods, digital interaction, physical form and materials, and market research. The PDA was designed specifically for the college user 18-24 in an urban, art school.
The Plog features downloadable personas, interchangeable face plates, add-on features (MP3, camera, storage, etc) to cut down on initial costs and wi-fi technology for student-teacher interaction.
(Published Work: Innovation, Spring 2005)
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Jeffery Jones
Design Engineer Chicago, IL