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NCTI Unleashing the Power of Innovation for Assistive Technology - Client: National Center for Technology Innovation
Agency: Winter Group Advertising

24-page booklet providing current information and resources regarding assistive learning technology for those with disabilities.

I designed the layouts for the cover, internal graphic elements and performed entire production process from copy formatting and layout to final prepress production.

I also prepared Section 508 Compliant PDFs for both a color and B&W version.
Healthy Pathways Counseling Services - Independent client work for family & children therapist. Client's needs called for including bilingual content, patient endorsement quotes & creation of new logo. Used Illustrator and InDesign.
Jumping Jack Cash - Created during my internship with Commotion. Client was a pawn shop opening a brand new location that wanted to blow away stigma of pawn shops. Used PhotoShop.
Anti-gang public service brochure - Art Institute school project with assigned demographic of Asian male teens. Used PhotoShop and InDesign.
Consumer Electronics Assoc. capabilities brochure - Art Institute school project aimed at electronic technology industry. Used PhotoShop and InDesign.
Home Depot employee newsletter - Art Institute school project. Used PhotoShop and InDesign.
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Jeff Magnusson
Graphic Designer Denver, CO