NE wall mural for Fengshan Primary School
Design and Production done by me. It was a long process and I started from scratch but I had fun doing the cartoons and brain storming with the client! The colors came out vibrant and gradients are smooth. Though there are some adjustments made due to site problems, I am satisfied on the overall result.
First row is the digital graphic copy and the two photos are the actual installation.
Hari Raya Street Light-up 2014© - I had a great chance to worked with this company to design the 2014 Hari Raya Aidilfitri Street light-up (Singapore). All the hardwork was paid off. I'm only showing here the working process, the street light-up was launch Jun. 28, 2014. Here is the finish product, I'm proud to say it was on the news -
Home Plus Gallery Singapore- From massive illuminated lightbox signage to small acrylic signage, printing wall graphics and intricate box-up signages all done and put-up in just less than 2 months for this large home/appliances product store. 2014©
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Marker sign - Designed a lightbox with back to back design set up located in between of the famous 313@somerset and Orchard Gateway at Orchard, Singapore. 2014©
A lightbox measuring 5 x 6 meters was put up at Playfair Road (Singapore) where I helped design the structure and printing of the massive PVC display. 2014©
Lightbox for Melaleuca - 2014©
Designed an Acrylic Signage for Kel's Music - 2014©
Apollo Petroleum Jelly - Necker - Concept and design by me.

Collectible necker for apollo. Although this study was approved, the client changed their mind not to produce a necker anymore due to some budget issues. = Web graphics | Banner = Ad | Banner = Icons | Badges = Web graphics | Banner

Published works I made for
Amico Technology -- Signage company (also doing flags & flag poles/banner/large scale printing)
SM Kultura Store -- Store for all things Filipino made, with more than 30 branches nationwide
One Mega Group -- Fashion Life Style Publishing Company
SLG Advertising Agency -- Sinson-Lascano Group Ad Agency

Jemymah Carbonell
Graphic/Web/Layout Artist/Designer Singapore, Singapore