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Washington State Voters' Pamphlet - 2009 and 2010 Statewide Voters' Pamphlet cover art creation. The pamphlet is delivered to 3.3 million Washingtonians.
Voting Center Environmental Graphics - Implementation of the Design for Democracy "brand" to Snohomish County's ballot drop box and Chelan County's Voting Center signage, which included five, double-sided A-boards with dry erase areas to direct voters to the Elections Office, indoor and outdoor ballot drop box decals, and wall / floor markers.
Washington State Voter Registration Form Redesign - Most Washingtonians register to vote using the paper Voter Registration Form. After years of gathering inaccurate information due to a non-user-friendly form (on left, above), my first task as fellow was to redesign the form, coordinate with a statewide redesign group, and conduct usability. My charge: create a positive and easy user experience for those ready to register to vote.
Messaging Presentation and Activity - Design for Democracy is more than design; it's also about education. Creation of a 20-slide presentation delivered to approximately 50 elections officials on messaging. Creation and administration of hands-on activity: "The Ballot Puzzle," where small groups would use their new messaging lessons to decide how to organize and design a ballot.
Posters - Voting Rights Poster, 19" x 27"
Registration Poster, 11" x 14"

Implementation of the Design for Democracy "brand" to posters that will be displayed in all 39 Washington County Elections Offices and statewide government agencies.

The Voting Rights poster is laminated and displays variable election information such as Voting Center hours and example ballots.
Voter Intent Manual - Washington State law dictates what can be counted as a vote on a ballot. The Voter Intent Manual provides visual examples of each law for each of the three voting systems in use in Washington (oval, arrow or square target areas). This manual is used by county elections officials with each election to assist with deciding if a vote will count or not.
Chelan County Ballot Envelope Set Redesign - Since Washington is a vote-by-mail state, an election ballot packet consists of three envelopes: outer, secrecy and return. These envelopes must fulfill many statutory requirements and must also be user-friendly, explaining when they are to be used and what needs to be done to successfully and safely submit the voted ballot.
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AIGA Design for Democracy
Jennifer Greeve
Graphic Designer Seattle, WA