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"Core" Hematite necklace
"Blood on the Moon" Tiger's Eye bracelet
Fluorite bracelet
Thors Hammer necklace
"Brísingamen" necklace inspired by Norse Myth
"Sacred Depths" re-purposed rosary
"Electric Swirl" earrings
"Direction" commissioned necklace
"Simmering Embers" earrings
"Flutter" earrings
"Steady Eye of the Serpent" rosary inspired by Greek Myth
"Atlas" necklace
"Flaunt" necklace
"Frigg" necklace
"Aphrodite" necklace
"Duet" necklace (reversible: side I)
"Duet" necklace (reversible: side II)
"Hearth Fire" necklace
"Lachesis" necklace
"Boneweaver" custom necklace made of bear bones and black leather
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Jewelry Design and Photography

An array of jewelry created by yours truly (all photos were taken and edited by me) Each piece has been made from semi-precious stones, wire, charms and chain to become elaborate, obscure pieces of art. Some of these pieces were commissioned, others were a product of divine inspiration.

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Freelance, Moonlighting
Jenni Kobylski
Designer | Promoter | Photographer Pittsburgh, PA