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Geisha: Olive
The Wings of the Dove - Client: BBC Radio Times Magazine
Herbal Remedies for Pregnancy Part I: Dandelions - Self-promotional
Bird of Paradise - Self-promotional
A Reluctant Cinderella - Penguin Books
No Way to Say Goodbye - Penguin Books
Pack up the Moon - Penguin Books
Spring Clean - Her Nashville Magazine
A Tokyo Murder - BBC Radio Times Magazine
The Last Smoker - BBC Radio Times Magazine
Little Peach - Self-promotion
Turning Japanese - Advanced Photoshop Magazine
Japanese Tokonoma: Early Summer - Self-promotion
Japanese Tokonoma: Autumn - Self-promotion
Geisha - Self-promotion
Something Isn't Right Part III - Sherbet Animation
Chekhov's Jokes - Luminous Arts
Swan and Cygnet - Greetings Card
Secret Garden - Advanced Photoshop Magazine
Marilyn - Valentines Card
Perfume - Self-promotional
Jezebel - Advanced Photoshop Magazine
Rapunzel - Fairytale illustration
Firefly - Sevilla Fiesta de Primavera
Mountain Poppies - Greetings card
Cappuccino - Editorial
Bubble Chair - Self-promotional
Plenty Good Room - Warner Books
The Magic Egg Part II - Children's Book
The Magic Egg Part III - Children's Book Illustration
All About Eves: Hong Kong - British Airways Highlife Magazine
All About Eves: Paris - British Airways Highlife Magazine
All About Eves: New York - British Airways Highlife Magazine
Guiding Lights - Sunrise Magazine
The Unbearable Lightness of Being - Book Cover
Jenny Lloyd
Jenny Lloyd Illustration Galway, Ireland