The Westone W Series is a line of high-end consumer earphones designed for the discerning, audiophile listener. Deep understanding of the anatomy of the human ear was used to create a form that is comfortable during extended listening and fits a wide range of ears. The W Series features exchangeable faceplates, providing a level of user customization and future accessory opportunities. A removable cable system is used to allow for serviceability and to tie in with Westone’s universal system of cables and accessories. The W Series is comprised of earphones ranging from the W10 single-driver product up to the W60, which feature six balanced armatures. W60 won Digital Trends Best of CES 2014 in the headphone catagory. Designed at Westone Laboratories.
Made specifically for the on-stage musician, the UM Pro series of universal in-ear stage monitors are built for performance, durability, and affordability. As Westone’s ‘Made Right Here’ product line, the UM Pro was designed and engineered to be manufactured by Westone in Colorado Springs, CO. Clear plastic housings are used for a technical and inconspicuous professional appearance. The Westone removable cable system provides compatibility with the accessory ecosystem as well as quick, easy on-stage cable replacement. The UM Pro series ranges from the UM Pro 10 single-driver earphone up to the UM Pro 60, which used six balanced armature drivers. Designed at Westone Laboratories.
Westone’s Adventure product line is tailored toward the style and functionality of outdoor recreation. Following on the standard set by ADV Alpha, Beta delivers audio performance and rugged durability in an affordable package utilizing a Zinc unibody, IPX-3 weather resistance, and a reflective cable for night safety. ADV Beta expands on the Adventure line by offering a unique dual-position design enabling the earphone to be worn in either the over-ear or straight-down cable positions. Designed at Westone Laboratories.
Westone’s over-ear product line is designed to provide an ultra-premium flagship product along with a range of mid-high market offerings that leverage some of the same technology and ideas that define the flagship. Honoring Westone’s heritage in custom earphones, the flagship product will be custom-built with customer-defined materials and colors. The form is derived directly from the shape and angle of the ear, creating a superior fitting headphone and staying true to Westone’s expertise in fit and ear anatomy. Designed at Westone Laboratories.
Speaker concepts for Westone. Designed to provide the well-established signature sound from Westone’s earphones in a high-end room filling speaker product. Aesthetic is premium, high-end intended to be equal parts sculpture and audio device. Designed at Westone Laboratories.
The XtremeMac™ Tango™ Air features five active drivers and one passive radiator for great sound quality in a flexible design that maintains its audio integrity whether the speaker is positioned vertically or horizontally. The user experience is focused on simplicity and ease of use with built-in AirPlay® technology and simple plug & pull setup through iOS. Piano gloss finish and satin plated buttons ensure this speaker not only sounds amazing, but looks great no matter where it is placed. Designed in collaboration with Travis Read for XtremeMac.
The XtremeMac Soundwall is a Bluetooth speaker designed to be unobtrusive in the home. Ideal for the bathroom or kitchen this speaker features a plug-mounted design that saves precious countertop or table space. Taking it’s intended environment into account, easy to clean materials such as gloss metal speaker mesh was used. Designed in collaboration with Travis Read for XtremeMac.
Shockwave for iPhone Inspired by athletic shoes, this rugged, 2-part case uses unique internal ribbing to create air pockets between the device and the case exterior. This design provides cushion while keeping the overall thickness and bulk of the case lower than competitive rugged cases. Designed in collaboration with Travis Read for XtremeMac.
The BT Connect enables any speaker to become a Bluetooth wireless speaker. Inspired by the Apple Airport Express, the adaptor’s space saving design is mounted on a wall outlet instead of using a power cord. The line out plug is then attached to the speaker to provide wireless audio. The simple interface features only one button to pair the device and remembers pairing information even after being unplugged so it works without having to set up again. Designed in collaboration with Travis Read for XtremeMac
Vaultz 2.0 Cases - Vaultz is a line of durable, locking storage and carrying cases for valuable items. Sold in most major retailers, Vaultz is a recognizable and established brand. Vaultz 2.0 is the next generation of Vaultz. Vaultz 2.0 is identifiable as part of Vaultz brand, but updates the look inspired by hardshell luggage and reduces the number of parts used in each case. Designed at Process4 for IdeaStream.
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