Amana PTAC heater and airconditioner - Alongside their own product line, Goodman Manufacturing produces commercial air conditioning units for Amana, which are designed for the hospitality industry. The air conditioner was updated with a sleek, modern look, and the construction was reinvented using a unique two-piece, snap-fit front enclosure that provides the necessary structural improvements and eases the molding process. Designed at Process4 for Goodman and Amana
Paper Ream Dispenser - Keep copy paper handy with this floor-standing ream dispenser. This unit stores a full ten-ream case copy paper. Pull out the top ream, and the tension elevator system lifts the next ream into place. At 30" tall, bending over to reach a box of copy paper is reduced. Product is shipped and shelved knock-down. Parts are easily snapped together by end user. Designed at Process4 for IdeaStream Consumer Products.
Vario Mail Shelter - Vario is a modular, on-site mail delivery shelter that eliminates the need for building professionals to build a completely custom shelter. Vario is designed to be finished using the same wall and roofing materials as the rest of the buildings in the community and become a part of the landscape instead of an eyesore. Modular design allows the kit to be configured for different mailbox capacities by simply changing the length of the horizontal members. Designed at Process4 for Florence Mfg.
AWI Industrial Wireless Transmitter - The AWI-P/T wireless pressure and temperature transmitter is designed for use in rugged industrial areas where accurate measurements are needed. The 2-piece housing of cast aluminum and clear polycarbonate with overmolded TPE provides the protection needed for dusty, wet environments, yet is easily opened for maintenance. The single second shot TPE overmold provides exterior protection, internal sealing and cushioning for the circuitry. Designed at Process4 for Adalet.
MFC HART Communicator - The Meriam MFC 4150 HART Communicator interfaces with industrial devices and equipment using the HART protocol. Used in rugged and possibly explosive environments, the MFC is designed with durability and longevity in mind. Device housing is molded with anti-static polymers for use in explosive environments, features a protective rubber boot and nylon case, and is water and dust resistant. Keypad and side navigation keys are sized and spaced for use with gloves. Designed at Process4 for Meriam.
Industrial Products
Jonathan Erbacher
Industrial Designer Minneapolis, MN