Thoughts of Home - Charcoal, India Ink, and Acrylic on Rives BFK Paper
20.5 X 13.5 inches
Supporting The Dream Thats Pushing You Down - Charcoal, India Ink, and Acrylic on Rives BFK
The Hollow Touch of Man - 8 X 10 Inches
Oil on Masonite
The Illusive Answer - Oil on Masonite
Brick Serenity - Oil on Canvas
18 X 24 inches
Published in Watershed Magazine September 2007
Article: JJ and the Buddha Pool by Michael P. Branch
Counting Old Flames - Mixed Media 18 X 24

Memories can haunt, make us smile, teach a lesson... They form who we are and create our history. Reflection upon these memories has the power to change who your are. They can make you wonder what if, what could I have done differently, or reinforce a decision as being correct.
Fall - Oil on Masonite
18 X 24 inches
Acrylic and Ink
9 X 12 inches
Drown In Thought - Watercolor on Gessoed Masonite
18 X 24 inches
Jeremy Paul Schilling
Illustrator + 3D Rendering Providence, RI