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Alienware Gaming Kiosk - Computer Gaming


19 inch LCD attract monitor

19 inch LCD PC display

Stereo sound with sub-woofer

Hardened keyboard with trackball

Card reader

Coupon & receipt printer

Secure acrylic showcase features Alienware PC

Powder coated steel construction

Gusseted steel base

Tube steel supports conceal cables
DaimlerChrysler Vehicle Information Center - DaimlerChrysler requested an interactive kiosk that could be placed in their dealerships to provide assistance for sales personnel plus a training aid for the dealer's entire staff to include service and parts departments. Touch screen interactive technology was requested for proper access to all vehicle information to include interior/exterior color selections, standard equipment and all options available.
Simplicty Modular Kiosk System - Features:

Touch screen interface

Hardened keyboard/trackball

Brushed aluminum fascia

Thermal printer

Card reader
Jeep Showroom Kiosk - Jeep Showroom Kiosk


19 inch touch LCD display

Premium audio

Loyalty card reader

Purse shelf

Steel construction

Casters for mobility
Unitec Electronics Portal TI Automated Carwash Entry System - Automated Car Wash Entry System


Multiple payment options

10.4 inch color LCD Display

Changeable graphics panels

Rugged, roto-molded outer enclosure

Secure stainless steel inner enclosure

Redundant security systems

Optional backlit topper
Domino's Express automated ordering kiosk - Domino's Express
Automated ordering Kiosk


Secure PC LCD enclosure

17 inch LCD touch screen

Integrated card reader

Changeable graphics panel

Literature pocket

MDF support panel

Steel base plate with vac-formed dimensional shell

Wall and counter top mounting options

Verizon Wireless - Customer Information kiosk


Changeable graphic surround

15 inch LCD display

DVD driven content

Keypad navigation

Vac-formed ABS housing

Gusseted steel base

Tube steel support conceals cables
AT&T Public Phone 2000i - AT&T
Public Phone 2000i


NCR multimedia head unit

Touch screen navigation

Hardened keyboard/trackball

Card reader

Cash acceptor

Hardened handset
Isuzu Showroom Kiosk - Isuzu Showroom Kiosk


15 inch LCD touch screen display

Translucent glass wings

Sheet metal PC enclosure with graphics

PC is concealed within base

Secure display enclosure

Rubber foot rest
Bose Headphone Display - Bose Headphone Display


20 inch LDC/DVD player

3 individual listening stations

Bent aluminium headphone

Hardwood veneer finishes

Free standing

Wall mounted
Audi Showroom Kiosk - Audi Showroom Kiosk


Modular system design

IBM head unit

Brushed aluminum construction

Sit down configuration with:

Laser printer


Attract LCD display
S2000 Chameleon Kiosk System - Kiosk system featuring full-length, interchangeable graphic
Walgreen's Virtual Pharmacist, sponsored by GSK - Walgreen's Virtual Pharmacist


17 inch LCD touch screen display

Integrated user privacy

Heat formed ABS enclosure

Steel base and support

Thermal coupon printer

Changeable graphics options
Mopar Speedshop program introduction
Mopar Speedshop Properties - Wall mounted merchandise display system

Mobile showcase
Mopar Speedshop Properties - Mobile nesting merchadise tables

Freestanding merchandise display
Mopar Speedshop Properties - Mobile garment display

Mobile 2-sided literature display
GFX Digital Retailing program introduction
GFX Plasma display
GFX Dual-sided plasma display with showcase
Dual sided GFX LCD wall
HUMMER Showroom program introduction
HUMMER Showroom Properties - HUMMER showroom properties:

Mobile information kiosk

Poster display

Wall mounted plasma display
HUMMER Showroom Properties - HUMMER showroom properties:

Mobile plasma display

Mobile plasma display with garment option

Mobile plasma display with showcase option
Hummer Showroom Properties - HUMMER showroom properties:

Mobile literature display

Mobile Plasma/Poster display

Mobile Color and material selector
GFX Dynamics Dual Sided Plasma Display Photo
GFX Dynamics Dual Sided LCD Wall Photo
Mopar Speedshop Showroom Fixtures Photo
Mopar Speedshop Showroom Fixtures Photo
Mopar Speedshop Showroom Fixtures Photo
Mopar Speedshop Showroom Fixtures Photo
Mopar Speedshop Showroom Fixtures Photo
Mopar Speedshop Showroom Fixtures Photo
Mopar Speedshop Showroom Fixtures Photo
Hummer Showroom Fixtures Inspiration
QSR Drive-Thru Kiosk
Triton MiniBank Kiosk
Triton Gift Card Kiosk
Tria Multi-Media POP Display
Vintage Self-Service Design

Self-Service design [vintage]

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Jer Schweickart
Jer Schweickart | Industrial Design | ... Dayton, OH