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Bodum Sound Stone - A brand based exercise to create a digital audio player for a company whose product portfolio did not already include one.

Bodum is all about ambiance and making the experience of gathering around food sublime. Music is a vital part of this social activity though its often introduced into the environment in a very intrusive manner. The Sound Stone aims to preserve the Bodum image and seamlessly weave itself into an evening of great food without drawing attention to itself.

Envisioned here is a two part system consisting of a base station and a wireless 'stone.' Sound can be beamed to the base station from anywhere in the room. A magnetic track which runs around the circumference of the stone acts as a headphone jack. Self orienting screen and controls adjust to the user - there is no right way to hold it. Stone recharges inductively on the base. Finally, once a playlist is chosen, the stone can be turned screen-down on the base, creating a sculptural object.
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Bodum Sound Stone
Jerzy Glica
Industrial Designer Glen Head, NY