Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum Ad - Working in a team of 4 developed an Ad Awareness Campaign for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum. My main responsibilities were research, brainstorming ideas for developing ads, and aided in presenting work to client. This ad promoted an exhibition in the museum. The look and feel of ad set the art direction for the campaign. Appeared in 2008 race program.
Advertisement - Client wanted to attract a broader audience to museum, not just race fans. This ad targeted a family audience. The combination of the writing with the imagery of a family dinner and trophy contrasted the stereotypical thoughts museums may portray; (dull,boring,no fun).
Advertisement - Ad targets school children/teachers. Through research discovered the Borg Warner Trophy is exceptionally tall. Compared trophy to eighth-grader, allowing audience to visualize the drastic height and possibly interest them to come see how tall they are in comparison.
Advertisement - Ad comparing first car to win Indy 500 (Marmon Wasp) to an actual Wasp; Inverted car descriptions with wasp's.
Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Jessica Rangel
Strategic Visual Creative Indianapolis, IN