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The clients that Virtasalmi wanted to reach out could be described as domestic LOHAS -consumers that want to know the source of products ingredients. So my first concepts tried to implement the ingredients origin in graphic design.

First idea regards domestic production in Finland. Virtasalmi is a leading force in gluten free products all produced in the heartland of Savo.

Second idea is revolved around the large amount of products that they have in their selection that includes products made from rice and tef. Regarding these products the more specified and honest idea would be to include both the raw materials and final production in graphic design. But is it too underlined?

Third concept relates to to second. How to inform client in a smooth and easy to understand way about origin? The use of local forms and prints is a good tool to inform as well as tells a story of global markets that they use to produce new products to the world.
After creating the guidelines how to implement origin I sketched three concepts how to bring the end product front and center of packaging.

First concept regards the traditional way of food production. Farmland romanticism is a powerful way of communicating authenticity, yet given the amount of product development and expertise it might not be the best fit for a client.

Second concept is based on the cereal marketing that is most often aimed at children. Based on this I made futuristic concepts that brought end products and ingredients in different context in this case as huge planets in vast oceans of space.

Third concept regards how to implement the second. Macroimagery of ingredients that define the end product could communicate quality that does not need to hide under ingredients list but stand proudly on the shelf.
I concepted several structural forms that could differentiate the products from general markets. Most of them tried to find easier ways to get the product open and tightly sealing after use. This is crucial for gluten free products that are expected to be clean of contamination with other grains.
After discussions with client the concepts we decided that it would be too expensive to implement these new packing systems in place. Therefore I concentrated more on the graphic renewal of their brand.
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My thesis - packaging concept for Virtasalmen viljatuote

My thesis was assigned by Virtasalmen viljatuote Oy. Objective of my thesis was to find new ways of packaging and marketing their dry and gluten free food product range. The end product was required to be similar to their brand.

In this thesis I familiarized myself with packaging in general, packaging of dry food products and general market and consumer trends. Based on this I designed several structural and visual concepts.

In the report I will explain the reasoning behind my design decisions, the underlying requirements for the concepts and the tools that we’re used during the process. The end result is a cohesive visual concept for a product range and a packaging concept.

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Jesse Talsi
Industrial designer Rovaniemi, Finland