[ INFORMATION GRAPHICS DISPLAY ] An information graphic exhibit designed to tell the story of the mission and heritage of the College of Mount St. Joseph. The design includes 35 posters of varying sizes incorporating elements of the existing architecture of the MSJ Mater Dei Chapel. The poster series aesthetic built upon the dynamic stained glass window patterns, cool and warm color palette, and natural materials.
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[ INFORMATIONAL BROCHURE ] An informational brochure about the diagnostic tests that MDL labs provide to patients. The curves of the blue shapes are based off of the DNA links in the logo, and the overall aesthetic is designed to convey a clean, professional, and friendly testing environment.
[ PACKAGING DESIGN ] An herb starter kit package design incorporating compostable and recycled materials. This kit is designed to promote healthy eating and sustainable thinking.
[ INSTRUCTIONAL SIGNAGE ] An instructional sign to show Luxottica workers, where to place their trash. The building is a zero waste facility and the signs were a part of a system refresh for the company’s zero waste Campaign.
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[ PROMOTIONAL POSTER ] A promotional poster designed to encourage high school students to attend the art & design program at the College of Mount St. Joseph and incorporates the College brand. The design employs the simple element of art & design, and a color wheel as an interactive method for engaging the viewer to determine the path that best suited their interests and skills.
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[ MAGAZINE INSERT ] A four page insert in the Cincinnati Art Museum’s Member Magazine. It includes a maze, connect the dot and board game that is based off the museum’s floor plan. The three dimensional game pieces are illustrations of pieces in the museum’s collection.
[ IDENTITY SYSTEM ] A brand re-design project for Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park + Museum including a new brand mark and identity system. The brand exploration incorporates a simple aesthetic that infuses the concept of art, nature, and history. The color palette evolved from personal photographs taken while visiting the park, and include elements of the natural landscape.
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[ PARK BROCHURE, MAP + SCULPTURE INVENTORY ] An informational brochure and map insert designed as a supplemental support to the wayfinding signage system in the park to assist all user types in navigating the 265 acres of land. The map insert includes zones, sculpture locations/images, major park destinations, restrooms and trail locations. The map was designed to be a simple, user-friendly navigation device for all user types.
[ WAY FINDING SIGNAGE SYSTEM ] A practicum project designed for a “real” client, Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park + Museum, a 265 acre park in Southwestern, Ohio. The project included a comprehensive wayfinding signage system designed to guide visitors through the park and to major event destinations within.
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[ CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS ] The system is specified to be fabricated out of fallen timber from the park grounds to support the sustainable materials philosophy established with the client as well as incorporate the existing park brand. The park users include pedestrian, vehicular and art cart.
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[ Facebook Graphic ] A series of motivational graphics created for BistroMD's Facebook page to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle.
[ SENIOR THESIS PROJECT ] A campaign designed for an international design conference to be held in a city/country outside the United States. The brand identity and graphic system was applied to a variety of promotional and informational collateral to include a brand mark and design standards, a conference program, website, a free promotional project of choice, and an 8’x8’ exhibition space.
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[ CONFERENCE PROGRAM GUIDE ] An informational program guide designed to inform attendees about the day-to-day conference sessions, events, tours,speakers, and history/culture of Stockholm, Sweden. The program expresses the unique conference brand reflective and serves as a user-friendly guidein navigating the conference experience.
[ CONFERENCE WEBSITE ] An informational website designed as an extension of the conference programming to include a more detailed content.
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[ CONFERENCE PACKAGING ] The conference desk organizer is a gift given to the attendees as a take-away. The organizer reflects the simple, elegance of Swedish Package Design, while also reflecting the unique conference brand in the package label.
Graphics and Environmental Graphics
Jessica Staubach
Graphic Designer Cincinnati, OH