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Cru Salon - This project entailed conceptual design for a salon that placed emphasis on space planning, research, and appropriate materials and finish selections. The concept for Cru Salon is vintage electic inspired by a teardrop chandelier. This concept is carried throughout the space with worn leather and chenile upolstery, hardwood floors with stone details, and classic artwork.
Cru Salon - Included on this slide is a perspective of the pedicure station (bottom left), perspective of the coffee bar (bottom right), and an elevation of the reception area (top right).
Salem City Community College - This was a group project that focuses on sustainable design, and meeting a specified budget. The concept was based on making green design more chic, fun and functionable.
Salem City Community College - In this slide, the design aspects are shown through a perspective of the gallery (top right), typical classroom elevation (top left), perspective of the study area (bottom left), and a selection of materials and finishes for these spaces.
J2D and Associates - Law Firm in Cira Center - This project placed emphasis on space planning for detailed program requirements as well as exploring transitional design and carrying it throughout the space.
J2D and Associates - Law Firm in Cira Center - In this project the design included an employee cafe for the law firm, J2D and Associates, which is shown here.
Little Hollywood - Children's Clothing Store - This project focused on researching retail design and appropriate space planning to sell products as well as using a 'fun' concept to capture the attention of children. The creative concept of this space is based off of a child's version of Hollywood.
Little Hollywood - Children's Clothing Store - This slide shows a perspective of the store entrace (top left), a perspective of the interactive stage for children (top right), entrance elevation (bottom left), and finally a section of the store.
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Jessica Keane
Interior Designer Las Vegas, NV