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Federal Style House - Philadelphia, PA - This project centered around researching a period of history and carrying it through with the full design of the residence. All space planning, furniture selections, and materials are choosen to be appropriate to the Federal style.
Federal Style Residence - Philadelphia, PA - This slide shows details of the design through elevations and perspectives of the dining room and living room areas.
Modern Design - Loft Space in Philadelphia, PA - This project utilitzed an existing loft space that was to be designed for a family of four who needed room to entertain and had very modern taste.
Timeshare - New York, NY - The concept of this design encompassed the timeless classic feel of New York City. The challenge with this project was to space plan for the program requirements for 2 three bedroom apartments, 2 two bedroom apartments, 2 one bedroom apartments, and 2 studio apartments.
Timeshare - New York, NJ - This slide shows flooring materials (top right) and living room elevations for the three bedroom apartment.
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Jessica Keane
Interior Designer Las Vegas, NV