OSRAM is an internationally-operating German company in the lighting industry with a history of more than one hundred years. In this co-operative workshop OSRAM is looking for the design of a high-quality product family of LED-based indoor spotlights that meet the needs of interiors in particular in the Asian region. The company has a particular interest in giving this product line a distinctly recognisable brand image.
Osram is a market leading light manufacturer along with Phillips, sharing a large portion of sells in the world. It is more popular in European market. We studied their corporate image to design a product family of LED-based indoor spotlights in particular in the Asian regionand what’s the possibility of presenting its own identity.
Light Resources & Material as the identity Unveiling part of surface and using the spotlight itself is to make an identity while researching on a special material. Silicon or silicon form as they can last at least 10 years that avoid the problem of rescale, and less affected by uv (colour changing problem). Besides, the material can be made in different kinds of shapes by injection mould.
top, side views for technical drawing of single LED, 3 LED and 4 in a plate. details for technical drawing of goose neck LED. Rapid prototype.
Elegant, Smooth, Soft are explained in the English name for the new product family, while the Chinese name means floating light with peaceful shadow. There are two packaging designs (for professionals and domestic consumers).
the product family

Co-operative Workshop

Jessica Zhuang
product & interaction designer and painter Hanghzou, China