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Thought Experiment Home Kit

This project, Thought Experiment, was my senior thesis for my Bachelor’s of Fine Arts (Graphic Design) degree. I was inspired to create this work after witnessing the lack of open-minded critical thinking found in all forms of modern media. The maze is present throughout the pieces and represents all the ideas that bog us down and prevent us from realizing our potential. I wanted to make the style and content fun and exciting to draw in the viewer but upon further investigation to reveal a provoking philosophical meaning about the lack of open-minded critical thinking in our society.

The entire project is meant to be part of a conceptual home kit that would include an introduction video, field guide, diagram, and finally two bottles in which they choose if they want to be wise or ignorant. The kit is meant to inspire the user to be more critical in their approach to society.

Jessie Wyatt
Web Designer Richmond, KY