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Motorola Point-of-Sale Poster - In-Store point-of-sale marketing piece for the MOTOROKR U9 phone. Worked with original photography to convey a music focused message that this phone rocks!
Motorola Point-of-Sale Display Cubes - In store countertop marketing displays for the MOTOROKR U9 MP3 phone. Part of full campaign that also included multiple posters, brochure and retail displays.
Motorola Point-of-Sale Poster - In-Store point-of-sale marketing piece for the next generation RAZR 2 Luxury Edition phone. With 24k gold details, sexy crocodile textures and and upscale appeal, this campaign conveys how stylishly sleek and razor sharp the newest technology can be.
Authentify Brochure - Authentify is a leading provider of Out-of-Band Authentication security software. Aimed at large business, financial and healthcare corporations, they needed a crisp and contemporary update to their sales brochure that reflected the company's cutting edge technology. A new 3-column format, a clean sans-serif typeface and lots of white space give this 8.5 x 11" tri-fold the clarity, simplicity and visual interest that was lacking in the former brochure.
Allstate Insurance Retirement Brochure - Utilizing a distinctly organized hierarchy of information as well as a plentitude of charts and graphs, this 32-page booklet outlines all the benefits of the Allstate retirement program.
Fitting within brand standards, the crisp, clean layout and color palette make it easy to read
and keep it interesting to look at.
Allstate Floridian Renters Insurance Gate Fold Brochure, Postcard & Good Hands Card - As an Allstate subsidiary, the Allstate Floridian Renters Insurance branch needed an update to
their marketing materials. These pieces gave them a fresh look to appeal to the young renters in their target and reflect the warm, sunny climate of Florida and its beaches.
Scott Foresman 5th Grade Reader - An excitingly contemporary elementary educational reading book comprised of short stories, lessons and learning exercises. Handled layout design, typography and directed commissioned artwork from a range of artists and illustrators. Ready, Set, Learn!
Quest Academy Newsletter - Quest Academy, an independent day school for gifted and talented children, needed a redesign of their quarterly newsletter. Now a larger 11x17 format, 4-color printing and exciting expanded articles reaches an audience of both current and potential parents and contributors.
Quest Academy Advertising - The Academy also needed an advertising campaign to promote the school and help boost enrollment. These ads, which depict actual students from the school, imply both educational and emotional benefits of a Quest education, from the kids own perspective.
Davis Wedding Invitation & RSVP Card - When a friend of mine asked me to design her wedding invite, we worked together to create
this simple and elegant one-color letterpress design. The RSVP card was designed so that
recipients could cut it in half and mail in the left portion with their reply. This eliminated
the need for an inner envelope, bringing down the overall cost and also saving on postage. The two cards were stacked together and wrapped with a 3-inch sleeve, then placed inside a rich brown envelope.
Baby Announcement Post Card - For the arrival of this special little one, I created a unique birth announcement with an age-old look and feel. Using a scan of an antique tin type photograph frame, I placed the image of this sweet little girl to create the front of the post card. On the back, a sweeping hand written font combined with another more traditional typeface and an aged fabric background add to the old fashioned appeal.
5 Years Anniversary Poster - A collection of the noteworthy (and not so noteworthy) happenings that took place within a certain 5 year period of a very significant relationship. Created for a fellow designer in the quintessential typeface, Helvetica, this poster celebrates and commemorates a very special anniversary for two mates, destined to make beautiful designs together.
Urban Decay Advertising Spread - Two-page advertising spread for URBAN DECAY cosmetics using unique cropping and a combination of several typefaces to support the company’s edgy and wildly dramatic approach to beauty. The design and impact echo their statements of individuality, femininity and fun. *proposed project
Juliette & The Licks Promotional Posters - This 5-piece band, formed in 2003, is fronted by the vocal talents of renowned actress Juliette Lewis, known for her eclectic style and outrageous personality. These two designs are in support of the bands current world tour and new album. The collage-like composition and vivid colors reflect the bands
undisputed attitude and unshakable presence. *proposed project
Avant Garden Magazine Cover - Cover design for a collaborative effort between the graphic design and fiction writing departments of Columbia College. This design was chosen as the official cover of the publication, which was published and dispersed throughout the college. The antiquated and hand-made feel combined with a strong visual makes it hard to miss and dares readers to look inside.
“38: A Commemorative Stamp Art Album” - A commemorative stamp art album that was collaboratively written by Columbia College publication design students. The content is comprised of an autobiography of each student, a biography of an inspirational artist or designer, two samples of that artists work and two postage stamps (one to commemorate the student and one to commemorate the inspirational designer) that emulate that artists design style.
Hand-bound with aluminum casing.
Lycea Digital Learning Brochure - Focused on improving the learning process, Lycea Digital Resources incorporates the most advanced
technology, software and services to deliver digital solutions to publishers and educators. This brochure uses a diverse field of colored "pixels" to convey the breadth of digital resources available through Lycea's products and services.
Lycea Digital Learning Brochure - The interior of the brochure utilizes a tab feature along the bottom edge to call out individual components of the product while simultaneously showcasing the full set of features on each spread. With a similar online component, the tabs resemble those used on webpages, giving the reader an interactive feel while turning each page.
Alphonsus Academy & Center for the Arts 2009 Annual Report - With a focus on artistic expression and academic achievement, this annual report for the non-for-profit elementary school needed a fun and artsy, yet sophisticated appeal.
Interface Fall 2009 - Re-design of quarterly publication for the American Marketing Association.
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