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Spin Master "Zuppies"
Concepts for Fashionistas, Princess and Genie
Spin Master "Zuppies"
Concepts for Spring Series
Sofia the First
License Toy
Sketchbook Pro
"Strawberry Shortcake" License Toy
Custom jewelry maker
Adobe Illustrator
Concept sketch
My Little Photographer "Nana"
Selfie toy for kids
Adobe Illustrator
Concept sketch - My photographer Nana
Panda's Shanghai Food Adventure
Game Toy
Adobe Illustrator
Fairy's Sunshine park
Eco Toy
Adobe Illustrator
Emily's Secret Glasses
Doll house
Adobe Illustrator
My little sheep
Cotten candy maker
Adobe Illustrator
Bunny Bank - Concept
Bunny Bank - Concept board,
Concept and character developing,
Color study.
Bunny Bank - Processing
Bunny bank
Bank toy
Adobe Illustrator
Bunny Bank
Emily's secret glasses_Product design board - Licensed girls room produce design.
Emily's secret glasses_Girl's room Sketch
Emily's secret glasses - Emily character plush doll
Infants Plush Doll - Emily character plush doll
Elmo Plush rendering
Toy design

Toy design concept boards / Product

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

Joyce Lee
Graphic / Toy / Character design New york, NY