Coat hooks. 3D printed master part, silicon mold, multicolor plastic cast, hand painted pattern. solidworks and maxwell. 2009.
vessel - A study of the formal qualities of sculptural objects and functional art. The form was inspired by the plant which it contains. 2007.
faucet - A faucet designed for a country club, deriving its form language from golfing artifacts. 2007.
bones - A study in creating objects out of natural materials, inviting curiosity and a desire to touch. 2009.
sandals - The creation of a new product through the use of downcycled materials. 2008.
story telling device - A product to inform and entertain a parent and child while at the grocery store. Upon entering a product number, a story is told of how the product came into existence and into the shoppers hands. 2008.
necklace and earings
radio - A hand powered radio made of black paperstone and white acrylic. Chamfers cutting into the acrylic mark station tuning increments and volume level. 2009.
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Josh Finkle
Industrial Designer San Francisco, CA