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"BoB" is a napkin holder for kids' and adults' special occasions. His head bobbles when you take the salt and pepper holders. Also, the napkins are reverse engineered from their end destiny, the trash.
MOW is modular furniture for teens. - Developed from ethnographic research and tool kits, MOW can be used in multiple fashions to address teenagers' hyper-speed lifestyle.
MOW user tested mother approved - MOW uses magnets which are embedded in the surface to stack or configure in many ways.
Tools for women - This hammer is a working prototype developed for women by women using alternative research methods. The key elements voiced by women: function, simplicity and perception. With the claw re-configured, perception of danger was reduced. The handle is smaller, which turns out men enjoy as well.
Hobart Deli Slicer Redesign - This design considers ergonomics as well as aesthetics. Reducing tasks was critical in my approach for the user since they break down the slicer frequently for cleaning. Aesthetics are important for the customer who is within close proximity to the slicer.
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