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Scott Snowboard Helmet
3D model of a computer housing - This was a fast model done to explore some forms.
Luge Concept - This luge concept was inspired by Thunder Bird 2, the client had requested a wow effect. Given the twin sheet molding technology to be used, it was possible to utilize the natural spring of the material to create a suspension system within the pivoting skis.
This was my Thesis back in 1999. Opticore visited the place I worked and wanted some 3D assets, but nobody would give them anything. I gave them this. I found out the other day it's been shipping with the package for the past ten years. Fancy that!
Earlly touring concept sketch - I was not happy with the front end so I've since improved that. This concept car will be an expression of where I'm at today without any customer input. I have started to make this in Alias and plan to go to town on it. I want to have something that sits high and has SUV clearance but with a low overall stance. A sports touring car that won't be destroyed on the speed bumps in any given city. The door line is a function driven shape. I'll attempt to keep it as pure as I can.
Earlly concept for Scott Profile Helmet - This concept was done in the earlly stages of the project. Done very quickley with a basic no frills screen grab and some quick SID work in Alias. A little dark shadow here and there to take care of details I had not yet added in the surface work.
Client wanted a "wow" effect on a single sheet luge toy. I made this with one single square surface in Alias and put some flexible areas at the rear for "turning" (good luck turning, but I thought it'd be fun). This model took about 30 mins to make given the approach of the single surface.
Did this with Studiotools sketch tools. Again trying to keep it loose for speed.
I did this back in 2001 for Magna Internationals R&D group. The design was to carry technology proposals, while not looking like any of the other car companies.
I was tired of looking at shiney surfaces so I tried to get away from it with some good old space/miltary battered materials.
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Jamie Ibbett
Design Consultant Toronto, ON